“Because stress response disrupts general information processing, trauma survivors live in a somatic world, not a world of language.” — McFarlane

Mind Body Therapy allows you to connect to your own inherent inner resources and access your own wisdom, power, intuition, strength and innate potential in order to live the life you have been longing for. This treatment is an integral part of my practice and is informed by many somatic modalities, including:

Somatic Experiencing (SE)

Somatic Experiencing is an internationally recognized body awareness approach that works with your nervous system to unlock past trauma and restore self-regulation. It particularly focuses un-discharged stress, which is stuck in your sympathetic nervous system and needs to be brought back to a relaxed mode connected to your parasympathetic nervous system.

Here is what your nervous system looks like before and after stress:

A healthy nervous system

An unhealthy nervous system

Diagrams courtesy of The Somatic Experiencing Trauma Institute

Once this the discharge has been accomplished, you’ll find yourself getting off the emotional roller coaster, have less fears or phobias, be less vigilant, and feel more energetic and hopeful. This technique is successful with emotional issues as well as with health issues and chronic pain.

In addition to using Somatic Experiencing in my one-on-one treatment with clients, I assist in trainings at the Somatic Experiencing Trauma Institute in Berkeley as a certified Advanced Somatic Experiencing practitioner.

If you’d like to learn more about Somatic Experiencing, I recommend the resources below.


Watch this wonderful 2-part video about Somatic Experiencing, “The New Traumatology & the Trauma Spectrum: A conversation between Dr. Robert Scaer and Anthony ‘Twig’ Wheeler”:


  1. An interview with Peter Levine, the founder of Somatic Experiencing, describing a personal experience he had after an accident
  2. Healing Trauma Through the Body: The Way in is the Way Out, an in-depth case study about working with food sensitivities, digestive disturbances, insomnia and anxiety, by Ariel Giarretto


  1. In an Unspoken Voice by Peter Levine
  2. Waking the Tiger by Peter Levine
  3. Reversing Chronic Pain: A 10-Point All-Natural Plan for Lasting Relief by Maggie Phillips
  4. Trauma Through A Child’s Eyes by Peter A. Levine, Ph.D. and Maggie Kline

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