Emotional Freedom Technique

Emotional Freedom Technique, or EFT, is a type of energy therapy that can provide freedom from negative emotions. Using the energy meridians of the body—a mainstream concept in Eastern Medicine modalities such as acupuncture—we focus on the negative emotions while lightly tapping certain points on your body. Developed by Gary Craig, EFT is a palliative technique that can help you learn to better calm, cope and soothe yourself emotionally in times of stress or trauma reactions. EFT can be used for many uncomfortable emotions such as sadness, anxiety and fear, but it can also help with pain and cravings.

The goal of EFT therapy is to teach you to be able to “treat yourself” outside of your sessions. Anyone can do this technique, and I have had great success teaching it to many of my clients. I suggest EFT not as an alternative to psychotherapy but as an additional tool you can use to help ease your way through difficult times. Psychotherapy is a process that can take time to create effective change. EFT is a wonderful way to supplement this process for immediate relief, and can also speed up the process of recovery.

After introducing it to my clients, all of them improved their negative emotions and some were even able to completely wean themselves off of their antidepressants. One client* asked me; “Why doesn’t everyone know about tapping?” I really don’t have an answer, except that some people are just too skeptical to try the tapping technique and that we still have to spread the word.

* My client was under supervision when she started lowering the dosage of her medications. Make sure you do not try to get off your medications without consulting your doctor, because stopping your medications too quickly can result in suicide or major withdrawal symptoms.

For more information about Emotional Freedom Technique, visit www.eftuniverse.com or view the below introductory video on EFT. 

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