We, as humans, have a capacity to modify our perceptions as a strategy to quell overwhelming fears. When we were/are helpless (small children, dependent upon others), this mental shift of reality actually helps us cope with unacceptable conditions that we could not change.

As adults, if we do not revisit these conclusions that we made about reality, we will inevitably manifest emotional and somatic (mind/body) symptoms. My therapeutic practice is focused on giving you the tools and skills to reduce your suffering so that you can access your strength, your vision, and your full ability.

3 powerful steps towards your healing:

  • The first step is to observe your reactions in every situation without judging yourself.
  • Keep a journal of when and where you start feeling depressed, anxious, or have physical symptoms.
  • What are your thoughts and feelings at the time? Are any of these familiar?

Paying attention to your feelings and thoughts will help you to notice and become aware of your patterns and triggers. You then have a chance to gauge, decelerate, and learn to distinguish what feelings and thoughts are linked to the past and which ones belong to the present.

“I free myself, not by trying to free myself, but by becoming aware of how I am imprisoning myself in the very moment I am imprisoning myself.” -Rick Carson

If you think that you should be able to work through your emotional difficulties on your own and are thinking that working with a therapist is a weakness, consider this: fear often comes from an unmet need for help that occurred during the original trauma.
Courage is the first step toward your goals.

Not only are you allowed to have help now; but, also, seeking it is a sign of great courage. Choosing therapy is a responsible act towards yourself and others. With a wide range of simple techniques you can heal your traumatic experiences. As a result, you can have access to feelings of happiness, peace and increased confidence, and ultimately be “Who You Really Are.”

The therapy I offer is about bringing you into line with your natural rhythms and life purpose so that you no longer need to rely on the kinds of defenses that are actually contributing to your suffering now. That is how positive change occurs.